Saturday, January 26, 2013

Knitting scarves!

I'm almost finished with my 3rd scarf , a pretty purple one for my Momma. This has only taken me a year since I'm so busy and I keep forgetting about it!  Now for those of you who haven't heard the story of how I learned how to knit it's pretty funny...A couple years ago I got it in my head that I wanted to learn how to know a baby blanket, (I prefer to jump ahead a few beginner steps in my head) so I bought a couple knitting needles and a ball of blue yarn and went to the only person I knew that knew how to knit! Which just happend to be my honorary grandma "Nana".  We won't say how old she is but she has been knitting since she could pretty much walk so she is what I would call an expert in this field. Why not learn from the best?! So I showed her my needles and yarn and told her my ambitious plan to knit a blanket.  And after almost having to call an ambulance to help her after she almost fell out of her chair from laughing so hard she was literally crying Nana proceeded to show me how to knit a scarf. lol  The problem then was she was sooooo freaking fast I couldn't catch on, even though she slowed down to slightly less than warp speed to show me what to do. She almost finished half the scarf before I left! Anyways, after watching countless youtube videos on how to knit with lots of pausing and rewinding I am still on the basic scarf pattern and nowhere near my blanket making goal, but I have provided Nana years worth of laughter everytime someone reminds her of my knitting project.

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