Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Organized Me!

Since I had a couple of days off recently, I decided to get to work organizing all my crafty stuff.  Not that I have a whole lot, but I wanted to be able to see what I have and what I probably need to get.  I put Jerry to work with all the nifty tools I got him for Christmas and had him hang a couple of shelves I got from Michael's and a picture of me from my ASU graduation. I know its not an especially artistic picture, but it is motivation to complete projects.  I went through all the random boxes and bags of stuff I've gotten for various projects. I specifically made a space just for being crafty and I feel so inspired now! I know a lot of people don't have the space for a whole craft room (even though I would love one someday). I think it is important to try and set aside 1 space in your house for just you.  Trust me, I will never find Jerry using this desk for anything! lol It's amazing what you will find when you just get a little organized! Apparently I am a glue gun hoarder! Who knew?!  Well I'm off to work on my valentine's day gifts and who knows what else?!

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