Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mixed Media Mason Jar

Ok, so here was my first attempt at copying an idea from a youtube video.
I though Mark Montano's mixed media desk set would be a cool make up brush holder for my vanity. 
1 12x12 vintage looking scrapbook paper cut into 4 strips size depends on how big your jar/can
1 mason jar or soup can
a couple of flower sticky backed things
1 scraps of lace
1 ribbon (cream colored lace) (this was all I had at home)
1 flat backed key
glitter tape
spray on glue
hot glue gun and ROUND glue sticks
spray paint

Mark has a few great tips on his video, like cutting the bottom of the papers and folding them under helped keep my jar from being unbalanced. He also recommeded the E6000 spray adhesive, this was not available when I did this project but I tried it out after and it is AWSOME! I strayed alittle from what he recommended, to kind of make it my own. I tried to spray paint the interior of my jar with cream spray paint. Did not turn out! I had paint streaks and I probably should have just left it clear.  I found some cool looking glitter tape for the top of the jar.  Don't recommend it for this project at all! It doesn't bend very well and you could see the white side of it when I over lapped it. Next time I'll use real gltter. Also I found out that there is more than one shape of Glue stick...who knew?! I accidently bought oval shaped instead of there is a difference! I ended up getting hot glue all over my hand. Not fun! But while looking up how to deal with a hot glue burn I found this nifty little thing! Hot Glue finger caps! Seriously!,default,pd.html
So all in all, not a bad job I must say! My cousin has already requested one so hopefully I'll get a little better and learn from my mistakes!! Stay tuned for the next project!!!

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