Sunday, January 20, 2013

First Timer

Well here is my very first post!  Yaaaaa!!! 
This blog is going to track my attempts at being crafty!  Each week I'm am going to attempt a craft either from a class, youtube video or any other type of inspiration. I'll include pictures (even if they are bad), where/who I got the idea from and what I used.  I'm trying to bring beauty (hopefully) and creativity into my life by expanding my lack of artistic talent into some sort of craftiness!  Now I mean it when I say I'm a Virgin Crafter, I've only taken 2 scrapbooking classes os far and own 1 pair of scissors!  I don't know how to use any of the tools, gagets or whatnot that is for sale at Michaels! I had my eyes opened and jaw dropped last weekend when I volunteered with my cousin Karen for an awsome organization called Charitywings at CHA Winter 2012. For those of you who don't know CHA trade show is a HUGE event full of everything from paint and stamps to any kind of craft gaget imaginable (some I couldn't even imagine till I saw them!) I'm pretty sure I made a fool of myself, since I was probably the only person there who had no idea who Jo Pearson (very nice lady) and Tim Holtz (the guy has groupies!) was.  I have now been educated! lol So hopefully you'll stick with me on my journey and try not to judge too harshly! This is all about trying new things and seeing how they turn out!

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